Amazon-Zoox’s driverless car conducts first test run on public road

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The Amazon-owned Zoox autonomous car company has successfully carried out the driverless vehicle Robotaxi’s first test trip with company employees. Reaching the feat on February 11, this is also among the first instances of a fully autonomous vehicle carrying passengers from point a to b.

Robotaxi went through tireless testing on private roads before eventually being ready for the public road in California, U.S. The Robotaxi is a fully electric automobile that debuted in December 2020. For the uninitiated, Zoox was founded in 2014, though it quickly rose to the limelight following its acquisition by the e-commerce giant in 2020.

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Zoox Robotaxi self-driving car specifications

The Zoox Robotaxi lacks steerings or pedals and can comfortably seat up to four people. It can run for a whopping 16 hours before requiring a recharge courtesy of the onboard 133 kWh battery, though the actual mileage isn’t specified by the manufacturer. The battery packs are placed underneath the two passenger seats.

Meanwhile, the Robotaxi can run at a maximum speed of up to 75 miles per hour (120 kmph), enabling it to cover distances in a short time.

The manufacturer has also worked on common problems, such as jaywalking pedestrians, left/right turns, traffic signals, etc, on the automobile’s path. This lesson was learned after Uber’s self-driving car crashed into a lady in the U.S. in 2018, eventually killing the pedestrian.

For now, the Robotaxi will be used to ferry full-time Zoox employees between the company’s two office buildings in California, a distance of roughly 1.6 km. However, there may be plans to open up the Robotaxi for users outside the company, i.e., the common public.

Via: 91Mobiles, CNN

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