Android 14 Developer Preview 1 Is Officially Out

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Google on Wednesday released the first developer preview of the next Android version via a blog post. It gives us a preview of what to expect from Android 14, which is codenamed Upside Down Cake (it’s Android U already!)

You can download the developer preview if you have a Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro.

The Developer Preview 1 is the first version of the upcoming Android version. This is the first of five more releases, for a total of 6 before the official commercial launch of Android 14. So this is a very early look at Android 14.

Android 14: Top Features

  • Bigger Fonts: Starting with Android 14, users will be able to scale up their font to up to 200%.
  • Changes to the Security and Privacy section: The Security and Privacy section introduced in Android 13 is getting a makeover. It now seems to mimic the Settings menu in terms of UI.
  • New Battery Saver UI: Google has streamlined all the battery saver options in a single page.
  • Changes with Taskbar: Bigger display devices and foldables on Android have a Taskbar option. New changes are coming to Taskbar. Now, Taskbar icons come with labels under the app icons.
  • Fast Pair on Connections preferences menu: Fast Pair option has come back to the connections preferences menu on this version of Android.
  • Improved Basic Colours: When you open the wallpaper switcher on Android 14, you’ll see more colour selections in the primary colour options.
  • App Cloning: Although not a complete feature, there are traces of Google working on making App Cloning available natively on Android 14.

These were the visual changes for consumers. There are many changes under the hood debuting with Android 14 such as Updates and additions to JobScheduler and Foreground Services, Optimized broadcasts, Safer dynamic code loading, Credential Manager and Passkeys support, OpenJDK 17 Support and more.

Minor Changes

As you can see, Android 14 Developer Preview 1 only comes with a few changes over Android 13. There aren’t any UI changes with this update as well. But it is just the Developer Preview 1; we will see more and more changes as Google releases more versions in the future. Let us wait for that; there is a lot of time on our hands till Google launches the stable build of Android 14 officially.

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