Bajaj Chetak Price in India (On Road and Ex-Showroom), Key Features, Specifications, Colors, and More

From 1972, the humble Bajaj Chetak made its way into our hearts, quickly becoming the symbol for middle-class India. Sometimes, entire families would pile onto their Chetak, as unsafe as that probably is, for a joyride for some ice-cream. Some people still possess the original petrol Chetak for sheer nostalgia, and guess what-it still fires up if you kick it right. Well, fans of the Chetak have reason to rejoice. An electric version of the Chetak was put into production on September 25th, 2019 at the Bajaj Auto Chakan plant. Starting out, the scooter was launched in Pune and Bengaluru, after which it was sold in the rest of the country. The scooter’s price point of Rs 1 lac might deter prospective buyers but worry not – as this is an electric vehicle, you will experience considerable savings when it comes to operations. Plus you have Bajaj’s trusty service network. What can possibly go wrong? And even if something does, by chance, you could always get it fixed. From 1972 right to the new millennium and more, the Chetak is truly an evergreen vehicle. 

Bajaj Chetak Price in India

Bajaj Chetak e-scooter India launch in January 2020 | Autocar India

Visakhapatnam Rs 1,90,960 Rs 1,54,043* Rs 970 Rs 5,613
New Delhi Rs 1,91,275 Rs 1,53,588* Rs 200 Rs 5,613
Goa, Daman & Diu Rs 1,88,125 Rs 1,50,818* Rs 580 Rs 5,613
Surat Rs 1,88,965 Rs 1,62,277* Rs 11,166 Rs 5,613
Bangalore Rs 1,90,257 Rs 1,53,070* Rs 700 Rs 5,613
Mumbai Rs 1,88,314 Rs 1,40,977* Rs 550 Rs 5,613
Pune Rs 1,88,314 Rs 1,40,977* Rs 550 Rs 5,613
Jaipur Rs 1,90,336 Rs 1,53,049* Rs 600 Rs 5,613
Chennai Rs 1,91,779 Rs 1,54,742* Rs 850 Rs 5,613
Hyderabad Rs 1,89,364 Rs 1,52,012* Rs 535 Rs 5,613
Ghaziabad Rs 1,91,590 Rs 1,68,812* Rs 15,109 Rs 5,613
Kolkata Rs 1,96,798 Rs 1,65,751* Rs 590 Rs 5,613

This scooter has a starting price of Rs.1,46,175 in India. If you are surprised at the slightly high price point, don’t be, because the scooter will come with a host of industry-leading features. You can also get a vehicle loan and pay for it in installments. Ask your dealer for information about the same. While the scooter is not exactly cheap, the features it comes that ensure you get a value-for-money deal when you buy it. 

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Bajaj Chetak Key Features

One interesting feature about this scooter is that it gets two riding modes. Now, most premium scooters do not come with multiple riding modes, so this is a first. With the Chetak, you have the Eco mode which is good for conserving battery life and riding at a modest pace. Then there’s the sport mode which boosts performance that makes you go faster, improves handling and more. 

Bajaj Chetak Specifications

Equipped with a 48 volt, 60.3Ah battery with a range of 90 km in Eco mode, this scooter comes with a host of features like keyless ignition, GPS and maps, app based control and bluetooth connectivity. A lot of these features are industry first – i.e they aren’t found in the competition, making the Chetak the first scooter with these premium features. 

Power, performance

  • Motor power: 4080 W
  • Acceleration 0-40 kmph (3.9 seconds)
  • Top speed: 70 kmph
  • True range: 80 km
  • Certified range: 90 km
  • Max torque: 16.2 Nm @ 1400 rpm
  • Motor type: BLDC
  • Reverse mode: Yes
  • Carrying capacity: 18 L
  • Starting: push-button start and remote start and 

Battery, charging

  • Battery capacity: 48V, 60.3 Ah
  • Fast charging: Yes
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Charger output: Portable / 750W
  • Battery charging time: 5 Hrs
  • Fast charging time: 60 minutes (up to 25%)

Light and Indicator

  • Headlight: LED
  • Low battery indicator: Yes
  • Turn signal: Lamp LED
  • Stand indicator: Yes
  • Pass light: Yes
  • Brake and tail Light: LED

Smart Features

  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Display Type: Rounded touchscreen
  • Riding modes: Yes (2)
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Speedometer: Digital
  • GPS navigation: Yes
  • Anti-theft alarm: Yes
  • Instrument console: Digital
  • Geo-fencing: Yes
  • Cruise control: Yes
  • Clock: Yes
  • Tripmeter: Digital
  • DRLs: Yes
  • Voice assistant: Yes
  • Central locking system: Yes
  • Mobile app connectivity: Yes
  • Parking assist: Yes
  • Artificial sound: Yes
  • USB charging port: Yes
  • Anti-theft system: Yes
  • Additional features: App-based control, Tamper alert, Gen fencing, Locate your Chetak, Remote keyless entry, Over the air updates, Notification alerts, Map-based navigation, and Touch-sensitive buttons.

Brakes, wheels, suspension

  • Brakes technology: Combine Braking System (CBS)
  • Rear suspension: Monoshock
  • Wheel type: Alloy
  • Front brake type: Disc
  • Tyre type: Tubeless
  • Rear brake type: Drum
  • Front suspension: Leading-link suspension
  • Radial tyres: No
  • Rear-wheel size: 304.8 mm
  • Rear tyre size: 90/100-12
  • Front-wheel size: 304.8 mm
  • Front tyre size: 90/90-12

Body and Dimensions

  • Length: 1,970mm
  • Height: 1145mm
  • Width: 745mm
  • Kerb weight: 132 KG
  • Wheelbase: 1,230mm
  • Ground clearance: 145mm
  • Seat height: NA
  • Chassis type: Metal
  • Front storage: Yes
  • Under-seat storage: 20L
  • Passenger footrest: Yes
  • Seat type: Single
  • Pillion grabrail: Yes
  • Pillion backrest: No
  • Pillion footrest: Yes
  • Pillion seat: Yes

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Bajaj Chetak Colors

The Bajaj Chetak is available in 4 colors, namely Hazelnut, Velluto Russo (Red), Indigo Metallic (Blue), and Brooklyn Black.

Bajaj Chetak Warranty

The lithium-Ion battery warranty on the Chetak is for  3 years/ 50,000 km. The auxiliary battery warranty is 18 months. You also have a 1 year warranty on the tyres. 

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Review

Reinvented for the modern age, the Chetak looks and feels premium, stylish, and contemporary. But it isn’t just a pretty scooter. It has stellar performance figures, taking you up to 70 kmph in eco mode. There are multiple riding modes for different conditions. The best part? Smart app connectivity which allows you to pair your phone. If you’re on the lookout for a stylish, efficient electric scooter for your daily commute, look no further than the Bajaj Chetak. 


Multiple riding modes. 

Smartphone connectivity.

GPS Navigation. 

Impressive range and speed.


It can be expensive.

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How to Book Bajaj Chetak Online

If you plan to buy Bajaj Chetak online, you can visit the official website link-, and follow the steps by selecting the variant, color, state, and city. Your scooter will be booked once you have filled in all the necessary information. 


1. What are the different colors available for Bajaj Chetak?

Chetak is available in the Premium model. Chetak premium is offered in four different colors – Hazel Nut, Indigo Metallic, Velluto Rosso, Brooklyn Black.

2. What are the ride modes available to drive Bajaj Chetak?

Chetak offers 3 ride modes. 2 Forward – Eco and Sports and 1 Reverse. In Eco Mode, the Chetak automatically detects your need for extra power and can switch to the Sports mode and then back to Eco Mode. The Reverse mode allows you to gracefully back out of parking slots.

3. How do I charge Bajaj Chetak  Electric Scooter?

You may use any normal 220V, 5A, 3 pin earthed socket to Charge your Chetak with the provided Chetak charging cable and pin adapter.

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