Best Thriller Movies on Netflix to Watch [February 2023] – Star Cast, Release Year, IMBD Rating and More

There are many genres that exist in the movie world, but what excites the audience more and keeps them on the edge of their seats is the thriller movies. They are fun to watch and keep the audience intrigued as to what will help in the next minute of the movie, making this genre one of the most loved genres across the globe. So, if you are someone who enjoys watching thriller movies and is planning to watch some with your friends or alone, we have got you covered. Below, we have mentioned some of the best thriller movies that are just one click away, and you can watch them right now on the online streaming platform Netflix. Go through the list, and we hope that our suggestions help you choose your movie!

Best Thriller Movies On Netflix To Watch Right Now

Movie Name Release Year IMDB Rating
Prisoners 2013 8.1
Nocturnal Animals 2016 7.5
The Platform 2019 7
I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore 2017 6.9
The Good Nurse 2022 6.8
Munich: The Edge of War 2022 6.8
Operation Mincemeat 2022 6.6
Bird Box 2018 6.6
Oxygen 2021 6.5
Gerald’s Game 2017 6.5
A Walk Among the Tombstone 2014 6.5
I Care a Lot 2020 6.3
Apostle 2018 6.3
Berlin Syndrome 2017 6.3
Creep 2014 6.3
1922 2017 6.2
In the Shadow of the Moon 2019 6.2
Lou 2022 6.1
Spiderhead 2022 5.4
Cam 2018 3.4

Prisoners (2013)

The story of the movie revolves around the life of a man named Keller Dover whose life takes a turn when his six-year-old daughter Anna and his friend go missing. During the investigation, the only lead that they have on the case is the RV that was parked on the street. However, due to the lack of their evidence against the driver of RV, the police officers are unable to take the investigation further. To find his daughter and her friend, Keller decides to take the matter into his own hands, and take measures to protect his family.

IMDB Rating: 8.1

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo, Paul Dano 

Duration: 153 minutes

Genre: Thriller

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Nocturnal Animals (2016)

The story of the movie has not one but two stories. The first part of the story revolves around a woman named Susan who receives a manuscript of a book that is delivered to her by her ex-husband who is she about 20 years ago. Her husband,  Edward, has pure intentions and has only sent her the book to get her opinion before it gets published. The second part of the story is the book itself, which revolves around a family man named Tony, who goes on a family vacation with his family, which takes a turn for worse and becomes a tarrying experience for him and his entire family. Aside from the story of the novel, the viewers can see Susan thinking a lot about her marriage with Edward which forces her to confront some of her darkest truths from her past. 

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Cast: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher, Armie Hammer, Laura Linney, Andrea Riseborough, Michael Sheen 

Duration: 116 minutes

Genre: Psychological, Thriller

Director: Tom Ford

The Platform (2019)

The story of the movie involves a place that is strange and mysterious, which has unknown number of levels, with two inmates livings on each level. The inmates live a very hectic and strange live where they had only one platform for the food and have two minutes to feed every day. In The Hole, it is very difficult for the inmates to survive but they fight for it which proves their solidarity. 

IMDB Rating: 7

Cast: Ivan Massague, Antonia San Juan, Zorion Equileor, Emilio Buale

Duration: 94 minutes

Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror

Director: Dalfer Gaztelu-Urrutia

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017)

The story of the movie revolves around a depressed woman named Ruth whose house was broken into while she was away at work. After taking up all the finger prints, photos and everything else that is needed for the investigation, the police advice Ruth to increase the security of her house. She spends the night at her neighbour’s house and in the morning when she finds out her neighbour’s Tony’s dog, she befriends her and with his help go on a quest to find the thief/intruder. 

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Cast: Melaine Lynskey, Elijah Wood, David Yaw, Jane Levy, Devon Graye

Duration: 96 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Thriller

Director: Macon Blair

The Good Nurse (2022)

The story of the movie revolves around a nurse and a single mother named Amy, who is suffering with a life-threatening heart disease, completes nights shifts at the ICU. Her life becomes easy when a new nurse named Charlie arrives and starts to work at her unit. Soon, both of them become good friends which makes her worry less about her and her daughter’s future. However, their friendship is tested when Charlie is considered to be the prime suspect after the death of a patient which makes Amy make a difficult decision that could change her and her daughter’s life. 

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Cast: Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, Nnamdi Asomugha, Kim Dickens, Noah Emmerich 

Duration: 121 minutes

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Director: Tobias Lindholm

Munich: The Edge of War (2021)

The story of the movie takes place in 1938 where the Second World War is about to commence and Adolf Hitler is planning to invade Czechoslovakia and the government of Neville Chamberlain in order to find a solution. However, two old friends who studied at Oxford, named Hugh Legat and Paul von Hartmann, both travel to Munich and find themselves stressed in the midst of the war.

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Cast: Jeremy Irons, George MacKay, Jannish Niewohner, Sandra Huller, Liv Lisa Fries, August Diehl, and others.

Duration: 131 minutes

Genre: Thriller, Spy

Director: Christian Schwochow

Operation Mincemeat (2022)

The story of this British movie takes place during the Second World War in 1943, where British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had made a promise to the United Kingdoms that they would be invading Sicily in July of the same year. The story revolves around two officers named Lieutenant Commander Ewen Montagu, and Charles Cholmondeley who plan to fight a different kind of war by using a corpse and false papers to trick the soldiers of Germany. Throughout the movie, the audience will get to experience different shades of a war that put the life of many at risk.

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Cast: Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Kelly Macdonald, Penelope Wilton, Johnny Flynn, Jason Isaacs

Duration: 128 minutes

Genre: War, Drama, Thriller

Director: John Madden

Bird Box (2018)

The story of the movie takes place five years after apocalypse that terrorized the entire world, which led most of the people to commit suicide or die due to cause of the apocalypse. However, the story beings when a mother along with her two children decides to cross a dangerous river to safe their lives and find home at a safe place that would not affect their lives. However, due to some reason they can only embark on this journey blindfolded in order to cross the river. 

IMDB Rating: 6

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Danielle Macdonald, Sarah Paulson

Duration: 124 minutes

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: Susanne Bier

Oxygen (2021)

The story of the movie revolves around a woman named Liz Hansen who wakes up finding herself in an air-sealed cryogenic unit, which is the same size as that of a coffin, having no idea how she got here. As the oxygen levels are continuously decreasing, the only way out of that cryogenic unit is if she can recollect all her memories with the help of an Artificial Intelligence machine named M.I.L.O. Even if she tries really hard to recall her memories, the problem is that she cannot move and cannot even get out of that unit, and with only oxygen levels decreasing steadily that could only last her ninety more minutes, it gets even harder for her to recall her memories in order to survive and come out of that unit alive. Throughout the movie, it is interesting to see whether or not she gets out of that unit and if she does, how she does it, which keeps the audience hooked to their screens. 

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Cast: Melanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric, Malik Zidi

Duration: 101 minutes

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller

Director: Alexandra Aja

Gerald’s Game (2017)

The story of the movie revolves around a married couple named Gerald and Jessie Burlingame, who in order to work things out in their marriage and bring back the spark that they a long time ago, decide to take a weekend adventure at a lake house, where they would not be disturbed by anyone. In order to spice things up in their marriage, Gerald had decided to a play a sex-game that also involved handcuffs. However, things take a turn when Gerald is killed by a wild dog, and his wife, Jessie, is left handcuffed to the bed. The rest of the story revolves around how Jessie tries to save herself from the wild dog who is looking for her, and how she in the moment of grief keep a straight mind, and come back from the horrific incident alive. 

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Cast: Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Carel Struycken, Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel

Duration: 103 minutes

Genre: Psychological, Horror, Thriller

Director: Mike Flanagan

A Walk Among the Tombstone (2014)

The story of the movie revolves around an ex-cop named Matt Scudder who is now a detective. Matt is hired by a drug dealer to find the man who had kidnapped and killed her wife, even after him paying them a huge amount of money as a ransom. Matt agrees to look into the case and is surprised to see when he finds out the man responsible for the murder of the drug dealer has killed other woman and this is not his first time. He also noticed that he opts to kill people solely who are connected to the drug dealers. However, as soon as he plans to give up, he starts to rescue a girl they kidnap and make sure to get her out alive. 

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Cast: Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens, David Harbour, Boyd Holbrook

Duration: 114 minutes

Genre: Thriller, Action

Director: Scott Frank

I Care a Lot (2020)

The narrative of the film, directed by J Blakeson, centres around the lives of a con artist Marla Grayson, who takes the elderly to assisted living facilities that she says cannot care for themselves and where they are not kept in contact with their loved ones. While the seniors are living in the house with Marla’s assistance, she sells off all of their holdings and things for personal gain. Marla falls into her own trap when selling off the property of a lady named Jennifer Peterson, and is duped by the woman, who does not reveal her own identity to Marla. When Marla is taken, she becomes enraged and vows vengeance.

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Cast: Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza Gonzalez, Dianne Wiest, Chris Messina, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Macon Blair, Alicia Witt, Damian Young, and Nicholas Logan.

Duration: 118 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Crime

Director: J Blakeson

Apostle (2018)

The story of the movie takes place in the year 1905 and revolves around a man named Thomas Richardson who travels to an island in order to rescue his sister from a mysterious religious cult, who are demanding a huge amount of money as a ransom. To bring her back safely, Thomas in order to expose the secrets of the cult dig deep into their secrets which makes the gang realize that they have rescued the sister of a dangerous man. 

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Cast: Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton, Mark Lewis Jones, Bill Milner, Kristine Froseth, Paul Higgins, Michael Sheen

Duration: 129 minutes

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: Gareth Evans

Berlin Syndrome (2017)

The story of the movie takes place in Berlin where an Australian Photojournalist named Clare meets a local man of Berlin named Andi, and are instantly attracted to each other, which leads to them hooking up and Clare spending a night at Andi’s apartment. However, what first appeared to be a romantic relationship turns into an obsessive and possessive relationship when Andi locks Clare at her apartment after he leaves for work. What started as a mistake, Andi expresses that he does not want Clare to go out of the apartment and want her all to himself and not meet anyone else.

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Cast: Teresa Palmer, Max Riemelt, Matthias Habich, Emma Bading, Elmira Bahmari, Christoph Franken, and others.

Duration: 116 minutes

Genre: Psychological, Horror, Thriller

Director: Cate Shortland


Creep (2014)

The story of the movie revolves around the life of a young videographer named Aaron, who is struggling to make a career. One day, when an online ad pops up, he decides to apply for the job that was only a one-day job in a town where it is needed for him to record the last message of a dying man.  However, the job takes a turn when he notices the man acting weird and when his message keep getting darker and darker. However, after his job is over he notices that he is unable to find his keys, and also receives a call that made him doubt that the man may not be who he initially identified to be. 

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Cast: Mark Duplass, Patrick Brice

Duration: 77 minutes

Genre: Psychological, Horror, Thriller

Director: Patrick Brice

1922 (2017)

The story of the movie takes place in 1922 and revolves around the life of a farmer named Wilfred “Wilf” James who lives with his wife Arlette James and his teenage sone name Henry. After Arlette decides to sell the farm and move to Omaha, Wilf gets angry and decides to murder her in order to inherit her will, and asks for his son’s help to help him with the murder, which puts Henry’s relationship with his girlfriend Shannon Catterie, at stake. Despite that Henry agrees to help his father, and plans her mother’s murder. Expecting their lives to get better with the possession of the land, things take a turn for worse and both Wilf and Henry go through some weird and horrific that completely change their lives. While Henri regrets the decision of committing the crime, Wilf is chased by a bunch of rats and also encounter with the ghost of his wife that he murdered. 

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Cast: Thomas Jane, Neal McDonough, Molly Parker

Duration: 101 minutes

Genre: Horror, Drama, Thriller

Director: Zak Hilditch

In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

The story of the movie takes place in 1988 and revolves around the life of a police officer named Thomas Lockhart, who aspires to become a detective. With the desperation, he starts to track a serial killer who comes out to commit murders after every nine years. However, his life changes when his obsession to investigate the serial killer’s case begins to tarnish his career, and his relationship with his family.

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Cleopatra Coleman, Michael C. Hall

Duration: 115 minutes

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller

Director: Jim Mickle


Lou (2022)

The story of the movie revolves around the life of a woman named Low whose life is interrupted when a woman knocks at her door begging her to save the life of her kidnapped daughter. However, when they go on a quest to find her kidnapped daughter in midst of a storm, they both risk their lives and go past their limit which also exposed their darkest secrets. Throughout the movie, it is interesting to see how both the woman tackle the obstacles and rescue her daughter. 

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Cast: Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollett, Logan Marshall-Green, Ridley Asha Bateman, Matt Craven 

Duration: 109 minutes

Genre: Thriller, Action

Director: Anna Foerster

Spiderhead (2022)

Directed by Joseph Konsinski, the story of the movie takes place in a research lab where a researcher named Steve Abnesti along with his assistant Mark have taken over the duty to conduct an experiment on the prisoners by giving them different drugs and notice their behaviour after having taken the drug and whether or not they would work as the drug commands. One such inmate is Jeff who has been given the N-40 lobe drug that enables the inmate to have sex with any of the other inmates. However, when Jeff fails to make a choice to choose an inmate, the higher authorities choose for him an inmate named Heather, but it does end well as she commits suicide after she damages the device named MobiPak that administers the drug. When Steve notices that Lizzy and Jeff have feeling for each other, he tries for them to have sex with each other to see whether the drug works or not when commanded. However, Jeff being one step ahead steals the MobiPak that belongs to Steve and manages to escape with Lizzy. 

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Miles Tiller, Jurnee Smollett

Duration: 107 minutes

Genre: Science fiction, Thriller

Director: Joseph Kosinski


Cam (2018)

The story of the movie revolves around a girl named Alice Ackerman who works as a camgirl where she broadcasts sexual live shows from her home, where she aspires to make it big one day. Her mother is unaware about her career, and only her brother is aware of it and has promised her to keep it a secret. However, her desire to make big and have a good career out of it is destroyed when her doppelganger steals her channel and takes over her content, with the intention of destroying her life. 

IMDB Rating: 3.4

Cast: Madelline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters, Devin Druid, Imani Hakim, Michael Dempsey

Duration: 95 minutes

Genre: Psychological, Horror, Thriller

Director: Daniel Goldhaber

 These are some of the best thriller movies that you can watch on Netflix right now, we hope our suggestion help you and you enjoy the movie that you pick.

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