Discovery+ Upcoming Shows: Discovery+ announces International show line-up for India

Over the last few years, audiences across the world have shown immense interest in non-fictional content and observing this, popular networks like Discovery launched their digital platforms to present direct-to-OTT releases which attract a larger audience base and generate more interest, thereby making space for more content opportunities. Discovery+ is one of the leaders in the non-fiction space today, and the team has been consistent in releasing various shows month-on-month.

Below mentioned are some shows, genre-wise, which the audience can binge on Discovery+

Title Release Date Genre
Fixer Upper Feb-01 Science
Milf Manor Feb-03 Love and Romance
The Perfect Murder: S5 Feb-10 True Crime
Sewer Divers Feb-10 Science
Nasa: Unexplained Files Feb-11 Science
Heartbreak Island S3 Feb-16 Love and Romance
Yellowstone Journals Feb-17 Science
The Spring Baking Championship Feb-17 Food
Michigan Hell House Feb-23 Paranormal
Devil’s Academy Feb-28 Paranormal
Tanked: S7 Feb-28 Science

Heartbreak Island: S3 | Love and Romance

The show revolves around a group of single boys and girls who arrive at Heartbreak Island to find a match. The show promises a rise in pulse and temperature as previous seasons have proven the same. With another season, the makers have brought 16 singles who will have to give everything on the line to seek the perfect match and also win a massive cash prize of $100k.

Yellowstone Journals | Science

Not many are aware of the paradise which is hidden deep within American Rocky Mountains in the west. Home to hundreds of creatures, this location, touted to be a harsh and shifting environment that has evolved for creatures to thrive, is today known as Yellowstone National Park. Through this show, the audience will be able to see how some of the area’s incredible wildlife endure the severe climate.

The Spring Baking Championship | Food

Hosted by Bobby Deen, The Spring Baking Championship will put eight bakers against each other who have to showcase their abilities of baking, thereby becoming the finest bakers of springtime delicacies. Renowned names from the business, like Duff Goldman, Lorraine Pascale, and Nancy Fuller, will judge and notice if the bakers have it all to survive the trials from week to week.

Michigan Hell House | Paranormal

The audience will be taken to Dice Road, located in a remote area between Saginaw and Midland, Michigan. The Hell House has been known for a series of unusual events in which the curious paranormal investigator, Steve Shippy, and Cindy Kaza, a psychic medium, will enter to discover the evil that terrorises a family and their home. Makers state that this is the best-documented paranormal case in history, and data reveals that there are several police records, eyewitnesses, and hours of real-time audio recordings available for the same.

The Devil’s Academy | Paranormal

In The Devil’s Academy, makers will take the audience back in October 1979 to the Miami Aerospace Academy (MAA) where several terrifying and haunting events were noted at the academy, which eventually possessed the school and its students. Highlighting the experience of a school’s student body. The makers will show how it appeared to be subject to widespread demonic possession, followed by horrific events at the high school that spread like wildfire.

Tanked S7 | Science

Through Tanked, audience will be able to enjoy new episodes highlighting the boisterous, family-run business of Acrylic Tank’s high-profile customers. The information shared by the team said, “The tanks, which can store fish up to 50 000 gallons, house some of the oddest and most eccentric species in existence.” One will be able to watch the family build extravagant aquariums for a variety of customers.

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