Google Launches Bard To Fight Competition From ChatGPT

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Google has announced its version of the AI chatbot, Google Bard. Sundar Pichai announced its new ChatGPT rival in a blog post and tweet.

Google unveiled its Language Model for Dialogue Applications (or LaMDA for short) two years back, and this new AI tool, Google Bard, will be powered by LaMDA.

Google Bard will be available for selected testers starting today and will be available more widely to the public in the coming weeks.


Google has announced that it will be releasing Bard with the lightweight model of LaMDA initially. It is like a light version and will use much less computing power, which Google says will enable it to scale to more users.

Google mentioned in the blog post, “We’ll combine external feedback with our internal testing to make sure Bard’s responses meet a high bar for quality, safety and groundedness in real-world information.”

How To Access Google Bard?

Currently, Google Bard cannot be accessed publicly, as Google is yet to release the public version. Google mentioned that select users have access to the tool but haven’t mentioned how to get access to the tool. Google said in the blog post that Bard would publicly open to more users in the coming weeks.

AI on Google Search!

Sundar Pichai has tweeted that Google will also start integrating AI features in Google searches. As seen from the screenshot, we can expect future searches on Google to be answered by Google’s chatbot. The chatbot’s answers will be placed above the existing Google search results.

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