Google Photos New Features: Magic Eraser, HDR Videos & Collage Styles

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Google has added new features to its photo album app, Google Photos. Over the years, the powerful features have made it much more than just a photo album or gallery app.

Google has now announced even more features to Google Photos now. These features are coming to Google One users exclusively.

Google One subscription started as a way to pay for additional storage in Drive, Photos, Gmail and all Google services as a whole. But it now provides extra services to the users, such as a VPN service, extra perks, extra filters in Google Photos, extended trials, and more.

The new set of feature drops in Google Photos comes in exclusively for Google One users. Let us look at all the new features:

  • Magic Eraser – Previously available exclusively for Google Pixel users, Magic Eraser, is now available for all Google One subscribers on Android and iOS. The Magic Eraser feature lets you erase unwanted objects from an image with a swipe.

  • HDR Effect For Videos – You can use this HDR effect in the videos to create a more balanced video, highlighting the stuff in the shadows. The company says it uses AI to help better-looking and more balanced videos.

  • Collage Effects – Google Photo’s collage editor is getting new styles. You can now select a style to apply to one collage photo. It will be available for Google One subscribers as well as Pixel users.

Google One subscribers will also get free shipping when ordering photo prints from its US, Canada, UK and EU online stores.

Google says these features will begin rolling out today for US users. It will start rolling out for global users in a few weeks. The free shipping for prints is live now.

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