Govt. of India To Integrate ChatGPT Into WhatsApp For Various Govt. Schemes!

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The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is working on a project that will integrate the AI prowess of ChatGPT and the reach of WhatsApp.

The new project is to supposedly create a chatbot powered by ChatGPT to provide answers to various government schemes and services.

According to The New Indian Express, a small team at MeitY called Bhashini is testing the WhatsApp chatbot powered by ChatGPT. It is also reported that users can ask queries as voice notes in the tool.

It is interesting to note that Satya Nadella mentioned at the World Economic Forum in Davos that Indian farmers could use a GPT interface to access government programs through the Internet soon.

The Indian Express report also states that Satya Nadella was shown a model of the chatbot government is working on.

However, launching the Government’s chatbot might take some time as ChatGPT is currently relying on English for input.

The report quotes a Government official, “A majority of the people that will use this chatbot will not know English. So, for their voice inputs to work on the chatbot, it is important that we train our language processing models in as many Indian languages as possible. We have a decent-sized repository of voices in many Indian languages that people of the country have contributed to through the Bhasha Daan portal. We also have a vast database of all the languages that Doordarshan telecasts in.”

The Government is Working On An Educational Tool

Money Control also reports that the Government is building an educational tool. Based on the video demonstration of the tool it got access to, it can reply to a voice query on math made in Hindi on a WhatsApp chat with the answers for the query.

It also reports that in another Instance, the student took a screenshot of a math question from his textbook and sent it to the WhatsApp chatbot, and got the answer solution in no time.

The Government’s Bhashini platform that translates between languages using AI, the Diksha platform that digitises school curriculum, the Ed-tech platform Doubtnut and WhatsApp has been leveraged to build this tool’s first version.

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