How you can get 5G on iPhone in India before others

With the introduction of 5G technology, it will be possible to connect India with the rest of the world. In order to take advantage of this new technology and make it available for consumers, many companies have started enrolling in the iOS 16.2 Beta Software Program.

5g Iphone 16.2 update

This section is about how you can get 5G on an iPhone in India before others by enrolling in the iOS 16.2 Beta Software Program.

5G is one of the most hyped up topics in the world right now. It is expected to be a game changer for mobile connectivity and will be a boon to consumers.

This article will focus on how one can enroll in the iOS 16.2 Beta Software Program and get 5G on iPhone in India before others.

The Apple iOS Beta 16.2 is the next major update to iOS. The software program allows developers to test their apps and fix bugs before they are released to the general public.

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Who can start using 5G on their iPhones?

Beta users of iOS can. Reliance Jio and Airtel users can start using 5G on their iPhones if they are a part of the iOS 16 Beta Software Program.

Which iPhone models are 5G-enabled?

All models in iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 series are 5G-enabled. The iPhone SE (2022) is also 5G enabled in India. Do keep in mind that even if you have an older iPhone and are in the beta program, you will not be able to access 5G.

Who can enroll in the iOS 16 Beta Software Program?

It is open to anyone and everyone who has an Apple ID. All you need is to accept the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement during the sign-up process. It is recommended that if you have an iCloud account, that is an Apple ID, you should use that.

Can users leave the Apple Beta Software Program?

Yes, they can. To leave the program, visit the Unenroll page and follow the instructions to remove your Apple ID from the Apple Beta Software Program.

How to enroll in Apple Beta Software Program?

  • Head to the Apple Beta Software Program page and click Sign up
  • Register with your Apple ID and log in to the Beta Software Program
  • Tap on “Enroll your iOS device” and then head on your iPhone.
  • Go to Settings and download and install the configuration profile.
  • Once the profile is downloaded, go to General > Software Update > Install the beta version — in this case iOS 16.2

Things to keep in mind

Since it is a beta update, it is always recommended that users should back up their iPhones before installing beta software. There might be a few bugs here and there that can create certain issues.

Switch to 5G mode on iPhone

To enable 5G on iPhone: Head to Settings → Mobile Data → Mobile Data options → Voice & Data

Here you’ll find two 5G modes — 5G On and 5G Auto. You can choose either of them to enable 5G on your iPhone.

What’s the difference between 5G On and 5G Auto?

5G On uses 5G whenever it is available, even when it may reduce battery life. 5G Auto uses 5G only when it will not significantly reduce battery life.

When can all users expect to get 5G in India?

Now that the public beta version has been made available, it could be a matter of weeks before users get 5G in India. Apple had said that it expects to roll out 5G support on iPhones sometime in December.

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