India’s First ChatGPT-Powered AI Chatbot Is Here: Lexi!

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  • India’s first AI Chatbot launched
  • An Indian company named Velocity has launched the tool
  • It is integrated to the company’s analytics tool


An Indian financial company named Velocity launched the AI chatbot named Lexi. The tool helps e-commerce store founders by providing them business insights in a very simplified way. 

The chatbot is integrated in Velocity’s own analytics tool, the company announced in a blog post.

“We are thrilled to launch India’s first chatbot tool that is integrated with ChatGPT. We have integrated this latest advancement in artificial intelligence with our existing analytics tool – Velocity Insights,” The company mentioned in the blog post. 

Abhiroop Medhekar said in the blog post, “We strive to provide leverage to eCommerce founders. Ever since ChatGPT launched, our product teams have been brainstorming on how it can be leveraged to benefit our founders. Since Velocity customers already use Insights on a daily basis, we integrated ChatGPT with the same interface that they leverage for driving business decisions.”

Govt. Of India Working On Chatbot For Government Services and an Educational Tool. 

It was reported earlier that Govt. Of India is working on ChatGPT powered chatbot for users to access and get help for government services. It has been reported that government is testing it for farmers. This tool is integrated with WhatsApp and users can send queries through WhatsApp to get replies instantly. 

The government is also planning to launch an educational chatbot tool. This tool can reportedly reply for math queries in English sent by voice chat on WhatsApp. 

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