Is BGMI coming back to India? Dyanmo gives a hint about urban

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Last year the Government of India banned the popular battle royale game BGMI in India. As a result, 2022 was a challenging year for the Indian smartphone gaming community. However, that is about to change. According to the latest rumours, the popular beetle royale title will likely come back in 2023. Dynamo, a popular gaming YouTuber, added fuel to the notion in one of his recent live streams.


Dyanmo on BGMI unban

In a recent YouTube live stream, Dynamo stated that speculations were circulating in the community about BGMI returning to the Indian gaming market within the next four months, i.e. by the end of June. According to Dynamo, fans may hear good news about the game’s return to India in the coming months. However, he did warn his followers to take whatever they hear with a grain of salt.

Krafton on BGMI unban

One of Krafton‘s officials admitted that they are working hard to restore the game’s services in India. The company is working hard to have the prohibition repealed, and the existing restrictions imposed by the Indian government lifted.

The Krafton spokesperson also stated that the restriction in India had a negative impact on their total traffic, but BGMI was still able to create a positive income flow. Krafton’s current top priority is to increase its PUBG global revenue.


Krafton, the game developer, has not stated any official indication about the BGMI’s arrival in India. However, the rumour mill has again heated up in India. As a result, we can expect news about its comeback in 2023.

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