Joy Mihos e-scooter gets over 18,000 bookings in half a month

Amidst the crowd of announcements from last month’s Auto Expo, electric scooter manufacturer Joy E Bike managed to grab a few eyeballs with its Mihos scooter. Joy E Bike commenced the bookings almost immediately on January 22.

The company has now shared a few tidbits of information on the demand witnessed by the new e-scooter, which reportedly received more than 18,600 bookings since January 22. This is quite a feat considering the plethora of options available today in the e-scooter space.

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Joy Mihos e-scooter specifications and range

The onboard electric motor enables the Mihos to go from 0-70 kmph in less than 7 seconds, per the manufacturer. Additionally, the Joy Mihos features an NMC or Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery (2.5 kWh), which can deliver up to 130 km of range when full.

Joy E-Bike will also offer a charging accessory and a wall charger for customers of the e-scooter. This can reportedly recharge the onboard battery within five and a half hours.

As noted by 91Mobiles, the exterior of the Mihos is built using a material known as Poly Dicyclopentadiene or PDCPD. This is complemented by colour options such as Metallic Blue, Solid Black Glossy (pictured above), Solid Yellow Glossy and Pearl White, which will appeal to fans of retro scooters.

Other features of the Mihos include a 4.3-inch colour instrument cluster with GPS connectivity, telescopic front suspension and compatibility with the Joy E Connect companion app. Ground clearance is decent at 175mm, while the 12-inch wheels should get the job done on most Indian roads.

Joy Mihos e-scooter price and availability

Customer who pre-booked the Mihos will receive their orders by March 2023, as per the company. However, the e-scooter will be available in a phased manner, meaning customers in some cities may have to wait longer than others.

Joy E Bike has priced the e-scooter at Rs 1.49 lakhs, making it somewhat expensive compared to existing e-scooter options in India. But if the initial pre-booking figures are accurate, the steep price tag certainly hasn’t hindered interested customers.

Via: 91Mobiles

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