Love After Music OTT Release Details: Love After Music to stream on April 26 on Netflix

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“Love After Music” is a biographical series starring Iván Hochman, chronicling the life and career of the iconic Argentine rock star Fito Páez. Through his story, the series emphasises the significance of love as an essential element of human existence.

OTT release date – Love After Music

Mark your calendars as the highly anticipated biographical series chronicling the life and career of legendary Argentine rock star Fito Páez, is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on April 26, 2023. 

Cast and Crew – Love After Music

The upcoming series boasts an impressive team, including directors Felipe Gomez Aparicio and Gonzalo Tobal. The talented cast features Ivan Hochman, Micaela Riera, Nahuel Monasterio, Daryna Butryk, and Javier Morado, who bring their skills to the forefront in this highly anticipated biographical series. Meanwhile, Juan Matias Carballo, Lucila Podestá, Francisco Varone, Leandro Custo, and Diego Fió are the writers behind the much-anticipated show.

Trailer and Premise – Love After Music

The recently released trailer of Love After Music begins with a glimpse of the iconic Argentinian rock star Fito Paez as a kid, before transitioning to Iván Hochman, who portrays an adult version of Paez, staring at himself in a mirror before a concert. As his life flashes before his eyes, the trailer showcases a rapid succession of images, including the death of his parent and highlights from his career. The background score of Paez’s song “El Amor Despues del Amor” adds an emotional dimension to the trailer, creating an immersive experience for the viewers.

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