‘Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand’ OTT Release Date: Crime Documentary ‘Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand’ available to watch on Discovery+

OTT platform, Discovery+, has become a go-to destination for documentaries and non-fictional investigative thriller shows. Fans have appreciated the content offerings of the platform, and over the years, the genre has become one of the favourites of the audience. Adding to the offering, Discovery Plus is now streaming a new show, Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand, revolving around the much-spoken-about Madhumita Shukla case

Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand – When and Where to watch

Fans can enjoy watching Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand on Discovery+. The show is available only to users who have subscribed to the platform

Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand – Trailer and Crew

The documentary aims to feature the story surrounding the death of a poetess who shook the dark underbelly of India’s prominent political circles. Madhumita Shukla, a young orator and poetess, was killed, and the case was one of the most talked about crime incidents in India during the early 2000s.

The trailer of the show was released recently on the OTT platform’s social media channels. Sharing the same, the makers tweeted, “Uncover the dark and dangerous side of love and power in this gripping true-crime tale.” The show is a part of the Times Chronicle and will stream in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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The show has been directed by Deepak Chaturvedi, who said that the team worked hard to present all sides of the case while bringing the truth to the surface. “It is always a challenge when you go searching for the truth beyond the depths of deeply entrenched and often well-rehearsed positions in a sensational case such as this. You are walking on a razor’s edge and cut yourself often! ‘Love Kills: Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand’ has been a challenge and a thrilling ride,” he added.

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About Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand

Sharing the details about the show, Discovery Plus, in a recently released press statement, mentioned, “No one could have imagined that the daylight killing would unpack a complex web of deception, lies, political intrigue, and cover-ups. With unprecedented access to those closest to the story, the series unravels the numerous layers of a sensational crime where events and the theatre of passion, politics, and human frailties play out. What started as a passionate love affair ended in bloodshed and a web of lies. One of the nation’s most influential governments was brought to its knees by a little girl from humble beginnings. Entangled in the circle of deceit is Nidhi Shukla, who waged a fierce legal battle to avenge the death of her sister, a 12-year-old boy- the only witness to the crime scene, and a team of investigating officers who took it upon themselves to decode the case that left everyone perplexed.”

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