Microsoft Brings AI-Powered New Bing To Mobile: Now Available in Bing App, Edge and Skype

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Microsoft has now brought New Bing To its various mobile apps on Android and iOS. The feature is added to the Bing app, Edge Browser and Skype for Android and iOS.

If you have access to the new Bing Preview, you can update the mobile apps to the latest version to get it. If you don’t have access, you’ve to wait for access by joining the Bing Preview waitlist.

Let us talk about everything you need to know about it.

Bing Chat On Bing App

Updating the Bing app will add Bing Chat to it. Once you open the app after updating, you’d find that the home button in the app is replaced with the Bing Chat logo. Clicking on it will open Bing Chat, which looks more or less like the Bing Chat from the desktop. The functionality is the same as well. Ask any questions to it, and it will reply with the answers. What’s new is that now you can ask it voice queries and texts, which wasn’t possible in the desktop version.

Bing Chat On Edge Browser

Bing Chat is now available on Edge browser for Android and iOS. Edge on the desktop provides a Bing sidebar with various AI-powered tools and chat. It is not in the Edge browser for mobile; you can find the Bing Chat.

You can access Bing Chat from the newly added shortcut on the homepage of the Bing browser.

Bing Chat On Skype

Skype is Microsoft’s legendary texting and calling app, which has been available for decades. The mobile app of Skype has now added the AI-powered Bing Chat.

In Skype, you can add Bing as a contact in the group chats and ask it various questions by mentioning @Bing in the chats. You can ask it questions in the group, and it will reply with AI-generated responses.

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