Microsoft To Add ChatGPT-Like AI To Word, Powerpoint and Outlook

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Last week, Microsoft announced its new Bing by integrating the ChatGPT-like AI model Prometheus. It even overshadowed Google’s announcement of its AI chatbot, Google Bard. Microsoft is gearing up to integrate the same Prometheus AI model into its other popular tools, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Outlook.

The Verge reports that Microsoft plans to announce the same in March itself. It also notes that Microsoft CEO and Chairman Satya Nadella wants the company to push hard on AI.

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According to reports, Microsoft reportedly was already using AI models to improve search results in Outlook, and it also started suggesting replies to emails using AI. Last week, Microsoft announced a generative AI experience for Microsoft Viva Sales. It uses Azure OpenAI service and GPT to help you write sales emails. Microsoft would be looking to bring a similar experience to Outlook as well.

Microsoft is betting on AI and wants to be the undisputed leader in AI. It is to be noted that ChatGPT quickly became popular, amassing around 100 million users in a short among of time. Not only that, New Bing has crossed over 1 million waitlist registrations in under 48 hours of its announcement. Not only that, Bing app downloads have surged and have seen a 10-fold increase in new downloads in iPhones, reports Techcrunch. At the same time, Edge browser has been the #3 in the Utilities section. So clearly, there is an increase in the public interest in the recently updated apps from Microsoft. Microsoft wants to keep the momentum going and take the early lead on AI-powered tools.

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