MP3 Download Sites: 10 Best FREE Sites to Download MP3 Music for the Ultimate Music Listening

The music industry today is affected by technological changes in the digital age. Music download sites have especially changed the way people consume and purchase music.

People have discovered new bands by listening to music from different artists without purchasing each album. However, most people don’t know where to download free music legally. So let’s find out about platforms that offer the ultimate listening experience. 

YouTube Audio Library

A YouTube Audio Library is a collection of audio tracks you can include in your videos, including music and sound effects. With a free licence, you can use these sounds without worrying about copyright issues or demonetization. You can download free audio tracks from YouTube if you follow the rules, which means that YouTube makes the tracks available for free. As long as you follow YouTube’s Terms of Service and the rules for using tracks from the Audio Library, you won’t have any copyright issues. As a result, you can avoid serious copyright-related problems if you use these tracks. Therefore, you won’t end up in hot water if you use the sounds you use.


As an online music store, Amazon Music lets you purchase your favourite songs or albums and download them to store locally. The songs you select from Amazon download as MP3 files. You can then transfer them to your MP3 player using Windows Media Player.


Music marketing platform ReverbNation aims at improving musicians’, singers’, and artists’ influence, broadening promotion channels and providing a series of collaboration and publishing services. Additionally, it lets ordinary users collect, listen to, share, and comment on music, as well as communicate with artists and other fans. With the global audience at its feet, ReverbNation is a bridge to success in the music industry. Even though most songs on ReverbNation require paid downloads, some are free. 


With Musify, you can discover more than 30 million tracks and albums. Take advantage of our all-in-one music downloader and access millions of local and international songs. You can stream it via 2G/3G/4G, or your home or office’s WiFi network and download anything you want.

Jamendo Music

Jamendo offers free, legal, and unlimited music, as well as music licensing, where artists can earn money. This is a Luxembourg-based music website that connects independent artists and music fans. Since 2019, IME has been a subsidiary of the Belgian company AudioValley.


Musopen is an incredible platform that lets you dive into a world of royalty-free music. You can search for your favourites by composer, artist, instrument and other parameters like genre, form and time period. It’s ideal for those looking to use music in projects like YouTube videos, independent films or video games. Musopen offers a wide variety of music that is both royalty and copyright free, enabling you to use it however you like.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive was founded in 1996 with the mission of saving historical documentation of the World Wide Web for posterity. The aim of this initiative is to preserve human culture and knowledge by building an online library for all researchers, historians, and scholars. Through the Internet Archive, millions of items with Creative Commons licensing are available for free access. This includes digitised books, texts, audio recordings, videos and software programs from many different countries and cultures.

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive (FMA) provides people with quick and easy access to open licensed, original music from independent artists across the globe. Millions of people visit the FMA’s catalogue each month to locate and download tunes for personal use or in media projects. Audio tracks from FMA are frequently used in a variety of applications such as videos, podcasts, films, games, apps, commercials, documentaries and more. This is a testament to the quality of their content.

The music available on the Free Music Archive is essentially covered by several Creative Commons licences, which means they are copyrighted, and certain restrictions should be followed when you want to reuse any of the songs. 


Bandcamp is an amazing platform for music enthusiasts as it provides them with access to new artists and music which isn’t available through more traditional methods. Even though being a listener is free, they also have the option of Pro membership for artists to take advantage of new features and tools such as different pricing options and advanced analytics.


Get the latest songs from Noise Trade for free by downloading the Boomplay App. Not only can you find their popular and trending tracks, but you can also explore some lesser-known tunes that are sure to surprise and delight you.


CC Trax is your one-stop shop for finding music licensed under Creative Commons. Whether you want to listen, use it as a base to improvise or add it to your YouTube videos, these tracks are great for everyone. It’s essential to understand the different licences available when using soundtracks from CCTrax. The website gives you all the information you need on CC licences and how they can be used.



1. Is it legal to download MP3 files?

Whenever music or movies are copyrighted, they cannot be downloaded. It is possible to be sued for hundreds or even thousands of dollars for downloading or file-sharing a copyrighted song or movie. However, there are legal ways to obtain music for free, as mentioned above. There are also websites that let you stream music for free. 

2. Will downloading MP3 install viruses on my phone/laptop?

While downloading music files is relatively safe, third-party sites that provide music downloads, particularly pirated content, could potentially contain malicious programs. It’s best to be vigilant when visiting such websites to protect yourself from potential malware threats.

3. What do I need to listen to an mp3 file?

If you are using a PC, it’s suggested that you set Windows Media Player as the default media player, whereas QuickTime is ideal for Mac users. This will ensure that your MP3 file opens up in the correct media player and plays audio without trouble.

4. How do I save an mp3 file to my computer?

It is necessary to use a powerful converting app when converting audio files to MP3 formats. For those who don’t know much about file conversion, EaseUS Video Converter is the best choice. With its simple and clean interface, you can easily find the tool you need. FLAC can be converted to MP3 by importing the source audio, selecting MP3 as the target format, and waiting until the process is complete.

5. What is the significance of bitrate in MP3?

The bitrate refers to the amount of data being transferred into audio. Higher bitrates generally result in better audio quality.

6. Can mp3 work with internet connectivity?

With integrated WiFi, MP3 players can do much more than just play music. The internet can be accessed, emails can be answered, and videos can be viewed.

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