New OTT Releases This Week (February 13 to February 19, 2023): The Romantics, Lost, The Night Manager, Cirkus, Raana, Veekam and More

Bollywood film lovers are in for a treat this week, as several OTT platforms have planned special releases, some of which have already created a buzz on social media.

Yash Raj Films is a name to reckon with, and Bollywood fans, over the years, have lived, loved and cherished the films made by the legendary Yash Raj Films. The documentary titled ‘The Romantics’ revolving around his aim, passion and hard work releases this week on Netflix. Besides this, films like Lost and Cirkus will also make the digital premiere on Zee5 and Netflix, respectively. Meanwhile, Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur’s release, The Night Manager, releases on Disney+ Hotstar. This is the Indian adaptation of the popular international show of the same name.

On the regional content front, the audience of Bengali content can enjoy two new releases – Dilkhush and Buker Moddye Agun – on Hoichoi. Fans of Tamil and Malayalam films can watch Raana on SunNxt and Veekam on Zee5

Besides just fictional content, sports fans will be able to enjoy ongoing leagues and tournaments on Disney+ Hotstar and SonyLIV.

Top OTT releases this week – New web series and movies

Title OTT Platform OTT Release Date Language
Minus One: S2 Lionsgate Play Feb-14 Hindi
The Romantics Netflix Feb-14 English
Sadha Nannu Nadipe Disney+ Hotstar Feb-16 Telugu
Lost Zee5 Feb-16 Hindi
The Night Manager Disney+ Hotstar Feb-16 Hindi
Raana SunNxt Feb-17 Tamil
Dilkhush Hoichoi Feb-17 Bengali
Cirkus Netflix Feb-17 Hindi
Veekam Zee5 Feb-17 Malayalam
Buker Moddhye Agun Hoichoi Feb-17 Bengali
j-hope IN THE BOX Disney+ Hotstar Feb-17 Korean

Minus One: S2 | Lionsgate Play

Digital stars, who have been a part of several YouTube videos, have gained popularity among youngsters. Lionsgate Play’s Valentine’s Day release, the new season of Minus One, brings back the leads of the show, the characters of which resonated with the audience. The chemistry and relationship have taken a new form. Describing the same, the premise read, “Ria and Varun moved in because their love was forever…but forever isn’t always.”

“Minus One – New Chapter is an ode to a relationship that spans several phases of life. Through the relationship between Varun and Ria, we are going to see adulting and growth in the most natural way possible. Through 2 timelines, we will see a relationship evolve between 2 people as it goes through everything. The series is an honest look at humans and their relationships in a very nuanced and unflinching manner. It captures adulting and how people change through the lens of a relationship that goes through multiple changes over time.

Where to Watch: Lionsgate Play

Genre: Romance, Drama

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

Cast: Ayush Mehra, Aisha Ahmed, and others

The Romantics | Netflix

Ace production house in India, Yash Raj Films, was started by a visionary filmmaker Yash Raj, who has given remarkable films in a career spanning over five decades. In this documentary, The Romantics, the makers showcase his journey through the actors, musicians, journalists, his team and sons – Aditya Chopra and Uday Chopra – who have been closely associated with him since the beginning of his career. Yash Raj Film Studios is a legacy which he made, and what it stands for today, is what the documentary presents.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Genre: Documentary

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Sadha Nannu Nadipe | Disney+ Hotstar

Presented as a comedy-drama, the premise of Lanka Pratheek Prem Karan’s film, Sadha Nannu Nadipe, revolves around “a pretty girl who’s about to pass away, but soon falls for a small-time thief, who struggles to come to terms with it.” The film received mixed response from the fans and audience.

Where to Watch: Disney+ Hotstar

Genre: Comedy, Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Cast: Mohammad Ali, Lanka Pratheek Prem Karan, and others.

Lost | Zee5

Presented as an original film on the OTT platform, the premise of Lost is about “a crime reporter Vidhi who investigates the sudden disappearance of a college student. While society associates different theories for his disappearance, what really is the true story?” The film stars popular names in pivotal roles and is directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury.

Where to Watch: Zee5

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Cast: Yami Gautam, Pankaj Kapur and others

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The Night Manager | Disney+ Hotstar

The Indian adaptation of the popular international show, The Night Manager, released this week on the OTT platform. The story has been retained and revolves around “Jonathan, an ex-soldier, who must infiltrate an arms dealer’s inner circle to avenge the death of his girlfriend.”

“A dreaded arms dealer, a night manager and a dangerous game of love and betrayal – it’s showtime,” Disney+ Hotstar stated while releasing the trailer of the much-anticipated show.

Where to Watch: Disney+ Hotstar

Genre: Crime

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur and others.

Raana | SunNxt

Directed by Nandakishor, Raana is about the titular character, “Raana – an aspiring Police Office – who enters Bengaluru City and is all set to marry Priya. Meanwhile, Kapaali is killed under mysterious circumstances and Raana is blamed for the same. With an aim to clarify and solve the matter, he sets out on a mission to find the real killer.”

Where to Watch: SunNxt

Genre: Crime

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

Cast: Shreyas Manju, Reeshma Nanaiah and Others

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Dilkhush | Hoichoi

Presented as a romantic drama, Dilkhush talks about romance in the age of hookups, breakups, and makeup. The makers have aspired to show the chemistry between four couples who find out that the dating app that has matched them with each other has messed things up and done a mismatch. Dilkhush is written and directed by Rahool Mukherjee.

Where to Watch: Hoichoi

Genre: Romance, Drama

Cast: Madhumita Sarcar, Soham Majumdar, and others

Cirkus | Netflix

One of the biggest Bollywood box office bombs of 2022 was Ranveer Singh starrer Cirkus, which failed to impress the audience and critics. The story is about “Two sets of identical twins who are accidentally separated at birth. Several years later, when they are coincidentally in the same town, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when people mistake them for each other.”

Where to Watch: Netflix

Genre: Drama, Comedy

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Pooja Hegde and others

Veekam | Zee5

Malayalam language crime thriller, Veekam, written and directed by Sagar, revolves around “Three forensic surgeons who get involved in a murder case due to a small negligence at their end. What unfolds next is their attempt to prove their innocence.”

Where to Watch: Zee5

Genre: Crime, Thriller

IMDb Rating: 5.3/10

Cast: Aju Varghese, Dayyana Hameed and others

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Buker Moddhye Agun | Hoichoi

Bengali-language thriller web series is about a superstar who, “Decades after the peak of his career, he supposedly commits suicide, and the cold case comes out in the open in strange circumstances amid public uproar. Was it a case of suicide or something else?” The series is directed by Taneem Rahman

Where to Watch: Hoichoi

Genre: Crime

Cast: Ziaul Faruq Apurba, Taneem Rahman, and others

Other OTT releases this week – New web series and movies

Title OTT Platform OTT Release Date Language
Squared Love All Over Again Netflix Feb-13 Polish
Re/Member Netflix Feb-14 Japanese
Jim Jefferies – High n Dry Netflix Feb-14 English
All the Places Netflix Feb-14 Polish
A Sunday Affair Netflix Feb-14 English
Romantics Netflix Feb-14 English
Perfect Match Netflix Feb-14 English
In Love All Over Again Netflix Feb-14 Spanish
Full Swing Netflix Feb-15 English
Red Rose Netflix Feb-15 English
Eva Lasting Netflix Feb-15 English
African Queens – Njinga Netflix Feb-15 English
No Filter Netflix Feb-15 Portugese
Upshaws S3 Netflix Feb-16 English
The Law According to Lidia Poët Netflix Feb-16 Italian
AggretSuko S5 Netflix Feb-16 Japanese
Love on the Rock Lionsgate Play Feb-17 English
j-hope IN THE BOX Disney+ Hotstar Feb-17 Korean
Unlocked Netflix Feb-17 Korean
Ganglands S2 Netflix Feb-17 French
Community Squad Netflix Feb-17 Spanish
A Girl and An Astranaut Netflix Feb-17 English

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