Nothing CEO Carl Pei reviews OnePlus 11: Recommends Pixel for users who like Android

Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus and current CEO of Nothing, talked about the OnePlus 11, the latest flagship from his previous company. His overall impression of the smartphone was positive, with few questions about the design and user interface. However, he regarded the OnePlus 11 as a powerful and premium smartphone. Here’s everything you need to know about Carl Pei’s OnePlus 11 review.

Carl Pei’s OnePlus 11 Review

At the beginning of the video, Pei confessed that, at first, it felt strange to review a OnePlus device after such a long time. However, eventually, it felt like just another device he was interested in checking out. His first observations of the smartphone were that it is “quite a beautiful device.” Furthermore, Pei talked about all the minor and exciting nuances, such as how the finish interacts with light or how it looks on a desk.

He didn’t like several features, such as the side buttons, which he thought were too thin compared to the nothing phone and would be difficult for users to discern apart when searching around for buttons. Another minor flaw Pei noticed was that the mute and volume rocker buttons were not precisely aligned.

After that, Pei shifted his focus to the software front, where he mentioned using OxygenOS for the first time after the UI switches with the codebase of ColorOS. Pei also stated that he had no idea why the company would meddle with something that was working. Along with that, he also highlights some issues, such as the software’s usability, launching the app drawer, and text blocks made with Chinese characters in mind.

At the end of the video, Pei was quite impressed with the hardware of the OnePlus 11, but not so much with the software, and made recommendations to those looking for a premium smartphone in the same price range. He recommended an iPhone for users who like iOS and a Pixel for users who like Android. Pei also mentioned his Nothing Phone (1) for everyone searching for a smartphone at half the price of these premium devices.

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