OpenAI releases new tool to detect AI-generated texts. How to use it?

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Since its release, OpenAI has been creating waves, gaining a massive user base in a short amount of time.

Many professionals feared that the tool could do their jobs and render their current jobs useless. It can effortlessly write articles, essays, poems, and more. Teachers have feared that it can negatively affect students as the learning curve of students would be down and it can lead to cheating, without any problem-solving on the students’ part.

Not only them but professional writers, bloggers, scriptwriters, and more are also under threat.

Luckily, OpenAI has released a new tool, AI Text Classifier. It can predict how likely a piece of text has been generated by AI. It can detect texts generated by any AI writing tool.

Limitations of the tool

  1. OpenAI has posted some limitations for the tool.
  2. The text you have to check should be 150-250 words.
  3. It isn’t accurate, it can mislabel human-written content as AI-generated content as humans wrote.
  4. AI-generated content which is edited can evade the classifier.
    The classifier can mislabel content written by children and content in other languages as AI generated content. Because the AI has been primarily trained with text written by adults.

How to use the AI Text Classifier tool by OpenAI?

  1. Visit the AI Text Classifier website.
  2. In the Text block, paste the text you want to check.
  3. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  4. The result box will display the result, if it is AI-generated content or human written content

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