Samsung Galaxy Z Flex, Z Tab, Z Flip Ultra, Z Fold Ultra foldable devices may launch in 2024

Samsung Galaxy Z Flex, Galaxy Z Tab, Galaxy Z Flip Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold Ultra foldable devices are in the works, claims tipster RGcloudS. As per the tipster, the South Korean company will start launching these foldables in 2024. But it doesn’t look like all of them will come out next year. What is clear, though, is that Samsung could be foreseeing foldables as the next generation of its phones, laptops, and tablets.

Samsung is the only brand that has been consistently launching foldable smartphones since 2019. It appears that starting next year, it may venture into launching foldable tablets and notebooks.

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Samsung to launch new foldables starting 2024

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Starting with the Galaxy Z Flex, the tipster revealed that it would be a tri-foldable device. One advantage of this design is that it eliminates needing a separate cover display. When the device is folded, the first display appears as a cover screen on the front. When unfolded, it can provide a large screen like a tablet. Hence, it offers more screen space than the Galaxy Z Fold series.

The Galaxy Tab Z will be a foldable tablet, says the tipster. It appears that it could be used as a regular tablet when opened, and when folded, it can become a compact device like a smartphone. This device may not feature a cover screen.

The Galaxy Z Flip Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold Ultra appear to be advanced versions of the existing Z Flip and Z Fold series. It appears that the major highlight of the Ultra models will be their displays. The tipster revealed that the Z Flip Ultra would have a quad-HD screen supplied by Chinese display maker BOE, whereas the Z Fold Ultra will have a 4K screen by Samsung.

The tipper further said Samsung would launch K-series phones. He added that the older J-lineup would be brought back as the K-series. It will mainly include low-end models with mid-range prices. He also said that Samsung would discontinue “S+,” which suggests that the Galaxy S-series may no longer have a Plus model. This is in line with the recent report by a South Korean publication that claimed that the Galaxy S24 series would have only two models, such as the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Hopefully, upcoming reports will reveal more about these rumoured Samsung devices in the coming months.


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