Twitter Co-Founder And Former CEO Jack Dorsey Backed Decentralised Twitter Alternative Bluesky Is Here

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  • Twitter Co-Founder and Former-CEO Jack Dorsey-backed Bluesky is here
  • A decentralised social platform
  • Available on Apple App Store now

Bluesky, the decentralised alternative to Twitter, spun out of Twitter in 2021, has launched its invite-only iOS app on App Store. 

Bluesky was announced back in 2019 and hired its first employees in 2021. It was spun out of Twitter as a separate company in 2021. It aims to bring decentralised social network protocol to the masses. Even though it is decentralised, the protocol doesn’t use blockchain technology. 

The project is backed by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and ex-CEO of Twitter. The app works on Authenticated Transfer protocol or AT Protocol. 

According to Bluesky, AT protocol is built based on these ideals:

  • Account portability 
  • Algorithmic
  • Performance 
  • Interoperability 

This framework will allow you to easily transfer your account data to another Bluesky provider. It also wants to give you more control over your networks. 


It works like the popular Twitter alternative, Mastadon, where you can join various servers separated from each other. 

Bluesky was initially made available for developers only in private beta in October. Now the company has made the iOS app available in the App Store. The website of Bluesky doesn’t show any details about the Bluesky app. It just shows, “See what’s next. Bluesky Social” and says, “Bluesky will launch soon. Join the waitlist to try the beta before it’s publicly available”. You can also sign up for the waitlist on the website. 

Even though it was once associated with Twitter, with Elon Musk as the Twitter CEO now, it’s not clear how the two apps remain intertwined. Bluesky received $13 million in funding last year to ensure it had the freedom and independence to get started on R&D and noted Jack Dorsey was on its board, reports TechCrunch. Bluesky posted this on its Twitter account in April:

TechCrunch has access to the private beta and has posted screenshots of the Bluesky app. 

The UI of Bluesky looks just like Twitter. We can see three buttons in the notification bar: Home, Search and Notifications. It just looks like Twitter! 

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