Wordle 527 answer: Hints, clues for Wordle today, 28 November, that you probably don’t need

The dreaded Monday has come back around but at least Wordle 527 is easy and will likely get you off to a good start to the week. However, if you were stumped by the Wordle today, take comfort in the knowledge that these hints and clues will help you crack the solution to Wordle 527 for November 28, 2022.

For those still new to or barely getting started with Wordle, it’s always a good idea to get the introduction out of the way.

Wordle is a web-based word game created by Wales-born engineer Josh Wardle, who launched it in October 2021. As of November 1, 2021, the game had around 90 players but its meteoric rise in the months after revolutionised word puzzles.

Wordle has come to be played by several millions of users daily and has spawned countless rip-offs based on specific themes. However, the original version is now owned by the New York Times.

Wordle rules

You get six tries or attempts to guess a new five-letter word each day.

Your word tile lights up in the colours green, yellow and grey depending on the accuracy of your guess.

If the box turns green, it indicates that the letter is entered in the right place and is, obviously, a part of the word the of the day.

A yellow box means that while the letter still forms part of the word, it doesn’t belong in the place it is put.

Pray you don’t get a grey box because it means the alphabet has no business being in the word.

Wordle 527 hints and clues for November 28

  • The word of the day starts with the letter “T”.
  • No letters repeat or occur more than once in today’s Wordle 527 answer.
  • Today’s word contains two vowels.
  • This mystery word ends in “D”.

Today’s Wordle answer is a word that refers to the temperature of a liquid.

If the hints, clues and solution to Wordle 527 answer still don’t ring a bell, let us put your mind at ease with the fact that we have stated it below.

Wordle 527 answer for November 28

Today’s Wordle 527 word is TEPID — an adjective that means “moderately warm”. While we trust your lexicon to have already.

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